I Stand Here Naked


This poem was inspired by a conversation i had with my stepdaughter that led me to an incredible poem by Lucille Clifton.  Then i watched the videos she posted of some of her poems. And THAT inspired me to finish the poem (well, i think it will need tweaking in time) and get it out here.  Thank you, Katya, for your inspiration.


I stand here naked in all my

turpitude and glory.


I am not nude. Undressed.

I am naked.


Nude is artful. Botticelli and his Venus.

Michelangelo and his David.


Salvador Dali and his nude women

melting breasts and hips into

obscurity and notoriety.


My body has stretch marks and

folds. It sags and jiggles.


My body has carried children

and pushed them out unhindered

and unaided by man.


My body has grown, shrank, grown –

carried, nurtured, fought,

and triumphed.


I don’t pose artfully nude, a

passive model of flesh and bone.


Nude is demure, serene; a

Madonna and child at rest.


Naked is passionate, challenging. Demanding one

to experience life without reserve.


I scream and cry and moan out

my pleasures and pains in

waves of ecstasy.


i am stripped of pretense and of



I am naked.  And I am up to something.


7 VI 2012

Haiku – 9 (car buying blues)

Thunder pounds my heart.

Am i choosing right or wrong?

Paralyzing fear.

Haiku – 8

Rage boiling like hot

magma needing to explode.

Destruction. Then calm.

beginning of a Tarot themed long poem

Queen and Knight, King and Page

Whisper secrets, age through age.


Dare you hear what they do tell

Love and joy or a death knell?


The Fool begins her journey long

Spry of step and full of song.

Haiku – 7

Spring transforms Winter

Bleak barren branches become

Bouquets of bright blooms

Why Poetry Is a Challenge (1)

i find that writing poetry is a challenge for me when i am not in the middle of crisis or turmoil.  When i am on a fairly even keel words often don’t flow easily.

And i am thinking… when the chaos overtakes and words flow out… will i be in a position to post those highly personal and intimate (and potentially drama causing for those who are in my life and around whom some of the chaos may be swirling) writings in such a public forum.  i can totally understand Aniis Nin’s stipulation that parts of her journals not be published until after the death of those involved.

Haiku – 6

Dance. Spinning, whirling

swirling motes of light and soul

Atoms and God. One.

Why Haiku-styled poems

i guess i can’t really call my poems haiku as they aren’t written in Japanese, but they are haiku styled.  i love the discipline of 5/7/5 syllables and the need to include nature in some form. They are quick – and easy – and yet i find myself doing many quick re-writes as i go … to tighten form and create stronger images.

Haiku – 6 (adult)

Beltane passions burn

From within her nectar flows

Quenching his Spring fire

Haiku – 5 (adult)

With love’s gentle touch

Deep pink petals unfurling

Sweet honey springs forth

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